Maxi Jazz (Faithless) personal dj set

Maxi Jazz
London born Maxi Jazz was the driving force and lead vocalist behind world beating dance band Faithless. With the band he has toured the planet, playing every festival and club worth playing, picking up plenty of awards and thousands of fans in the process, as well as securing a number of chart hits and precipitating a commercial dance music revolution in the process. Hits like ‘We Come 1’, ‘God is a DJ’ and ‘Insomnia’ are unquestionable modern classics penned by Maxi and sung in his own unique, soulful rap style. It all started for him by founding The Soul Food Café System as a DJ in 1984 having fallen in love with hip-hop through pirate radio stations. It was upon meeting Rollo Armstrong and Sister Bliss in a studio that would prove to be the turning point in his life, as they are the two people with whom he went on to form Faithless. Since then, the group’s live shows have grown and grown, their back catalogue has expanded and they are now one of the most recognisable groups of any genre of music, playing Glastonbury, Bestival, and so many more. There have been five albums in all, Reverence (which reached number 26), Sunday 8PM (reaching number 10), Outrospective (peaking at number 4) and No Roots (which debuted at number 1) between 1996 and 2004, a fifth album 'To All New Arrivals' came in 2006.

Personal Dj Set
Maxi Jazz is a dance music pioneer along with Sister Bliss and Rollo, his compatriots in Faithless, who've swept all before, over a twenty year career, with timeless anthems and compelling live shows. What's less well known is that Maxi has been a DJ since 1984 and has a vast vinyl collection that he's been selecting (and scratching!) for many a year. From the era of soul weekenders, local sound system crews and pirate radio, Maxi's musical bent is based on party music over the last 30 years and using the microphone and old school turntable technique to involve and engage his followers.
More often than not, creating a live vocal version of Insomnia while playing his own B-side of that track and more. Reggae, funk, soul, hip-hop plus those tunes that take you straight back to another era then right back up to date.
The Faithless co-founder and frontman will bring the party with a selection of club and party classics that have influenced him over the years, plus not to mention playing out the likes of one (or maybe more) Faithless classics such as Insomnia.


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