Phil Watts

Phil has been on the scene since the early 1980's. He began as a radio DJ at the age of 14 on what was called free radio in Belgium those days, such as Radio One, Superstar, SIS... . He firstly became a DJ resident at the New Ones, New Ghost, Barney'z and Maxy's in Ghent ('84-'88) and was offered a DJ residency at the prestigious Boccaccio club in Destelbergen, the cradle of new beat (after winning the 1988 Belgian DMC mixing contest over there)... The heat was on! After 2 years he moved to the famous Empire club in Dentergem for a residency of 7 years!

Along with other residencies and guest DJ-sets in mostly every known venue in Belgium as there are and were like Carré, Tropicana, Lamborghieni, Zenith, Balmoral, Kokorico, Diejies, Biba, Colombo, The Oh, Pavarotti... Phil has gained an incredible knowledge in all different music styles and is known for his 'chameleon' DJ skills. As up today he's still active as a well known 'retro house-DJ' on famous concepts as Retro Arena, Yoko Ono, Sound of B and many more...


Zaterdag 11 augustus Beats Stage 19u00